Look and See.

There is a difference between what you look at and what you have seen. It’s in the depth of impact… I’m.pact, a pact made with.in one’s self.

The light of the body is The Eye, if thine eye be single…

The Eyes are the windows to the deaths within us all. It’s a place where the Cosmic light still is. We must thusly guard your gate….

Surround your.self with things that are highly charged, things that are easily inclined to a higher vibration. What are your dreams? Your (wo)manifestations? Imbue this energy into your things, that your environment is already reflecting your intentions, that your surroundings are rising up to meet you, and your every need.

Come to Koincidence to find pieces already on their Karmic path, items with soul, and understanding of time, pieces that are connected to the collective energy that is all around, and within.

… If thine eye be single, then they whole body be filled with light.

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